There is at least one!

Sooooooo… I suck at Photoshop, GIMP, MS Paint.  Nonetheless, I put together a collage of Eames being blatantly ambidextrous throughout Inception because it involved the pain of watching his scenes frame by frame (and what’s worse, sometimes Arthur’s in them and that’s how he snuck in because the look on his face is everything I love about this ‘ship) to get clear pictures because I noticed it the other night. Now there’s a whole new facet of my hand/wrist…thing.

My intent was to prime the pump for kink meme(s) as I’d never really seen… this issue come up in any of my fandoms at all and I had a brand new blog to do it on. Also, I had no time to write porn because I virtually simultaneously realized exactly what I needed to do to fix my thesis after a year of hating it.  (Inception and/or kinkception?) Thus I spent eighteen of the last twenty four hours away from fandom. Well, I had a few minutes this morning, but it was so rushed that I not only pasted, I hotlinked. I’m a bitch and will fix it.

Anyway: as of this morning, my… err hem, ‘PASTEDE artistic vision’ had more individual responses on this site alone than pretty much any story I’ve ever written.

My mixed feelings are much less mixed because this mean I got tipped off to RULE 34 HAVING KICKED IN MONTHS AGO! (Around when delicious tanked) And it’s Arthur/Eames! I haven’t read it but it is finished and I’m linking because it’s exactly what I didn’t quite ask for. I will read it just as soon as my eyes can follow a line of text again (I’m typing this while looking at my father—and there’s those mixed feelings again).