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"The brain can get sick too." 

Re-make of this post. 

End mental health stigma.

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For the Record

… and below the cut is the original monologue (edited by intheeembers) that spun itself out practically on its own this morning, with two tentative titles: “Flogging Molly” (an obvious lark) or “Tea & Sympathy” (a play from which I blatantly pilfered one of the final lines).  It’s all the Molly feels and emoceans and information that I’m going to attempt to wrestle into a larger, more meaningful frame tonight and later on, but given my work schedule and life in general of late, I’ve no idea how long that might take. So, if you want to wait for the larger story, I suggest not looking. If you’re a creature beholden to instant gratification like myself, you can check below the cut, bearing in mind that at some point, it’ll be something like watching the unaired pilot of Sherlock and “A Study in Pink” back to back. No real warnings required, only a few spoilers from season three implied.

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Things that never change (in a good way. Mostly)

Callowyn is evil. That is all.

Edit: @Intheembers: Yes, now that Cally’s forced me to set up a believable frame story. And Mary’s the one masterminding it. Which means my 1.3k monologue will now have about 4k of setting, stage directions, mis-directions, and two additional active voices to account for. Dammit.


On playing Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride (x)

There is a thing in my eye. Don’t look you look at me!

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Coming Back to Fandom

I’ve missed you. It’s just that I’ve been busy. But there was a new season of Sherlock, and then I tried out the Basil Rathbone films and tried my very best to like the writing on Elementary and what they were trying to do with Joan Watson as a counterpoint to other contemporary depictions of Watson, and well: 1.3k of fic happened in a little less than an hour. In a semi-2nd person POV by Molly Hooper no less. I definitely need a beta, likely need a Brit-picker, and possibly need a podficcer, because this is more a monologue or journal entry than anything else and those work out better in podfic than in writing. Any takers or offers would be most appreciated.

Get the Derp Off My Game

Hey, Derp, this is the last of my few days off before I have six months of absolutely no vacation time left, just a little bit of sick time, and I almost have map completion on my GW2 character after 18 months of playing. Could you please stop DDOS-ing my log-in server? But “You don’t mess with individuals”? I know A-net has ticked plenty of people off, but this is my time off, this is where I go to relax, and you’re just screwing me over.

Why Delight Had to Become Delirium

It’s rather simple, once you map it out. The Endless are the anthropomorphic representations of not just their names (Destiny, Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, Destruction, Delight Delirium), but by defining those concepts also define the opposite. Some of the siblings are more difficult to define this way than others, but try this out for size:

Destiny —-> Things that don’t ever happen/free will
Death —-> Life
Dream —-> Reality
Destruction —-> Creation
Despair —-> Hope
Desire —-> Apathy
Delight —-> Anguish
Delirium —-> Absolute knowledge of reality

This map doesn’t just provide insight into each sibling, but reveals some very interesting relationships between the siblings that explain a great deal about the family dynamic as it’s seen in the comics. Dream himself alludes to this in “Three Septembers and a January” when he tells Despair that she couldn’t exist if people did not dream of hope (and even earlier, in Hell, when he used the dream of hope as one of his main cards to regain his helmet). You can also see it in the differences between the two Despairs — both of whom take delight from the Despair of others, but in very different ways. The second Despair, having experienced change, has a less abstract, more visceral sense of her duties than the one who planned the end of Krypton.

I used “Anguish” to describe the opposite of Delight, but just as easily, I could have used both “Despair” and “Apathy”. Which are concepts that canonically require twins to represent them. Oddly enough, Delight cannot maintain the balance between her two sides for very long before having a schizophrenic break and becoming Delirium.

Poor Del is the one who, much like the youngest in any family, bumps into the expectations set up by her older siblings the most. Unlike Destruction she doesn’t get to be the middle child/mediator, and she doesn’t have a twin to support her against the others. And she finds Dream to be scary, even though she loves him, because she’s seen the greatest joys and worst nightmares that he has to offer, in both reality and in places that do not and cannot exist. Her knowledge of this is what brings her into greatest conflict with Destiny, who refuses to even change her portrait in his gallery.

But unlike her older brothers, one of whom apathetically accepts that which is written in his book and cannot see nor does he seek to change that which he reads, and the other who decides he would rather die than change, Del, initially being an emotion, doesn’t have a sense of duty to shield her. She simply takes the hand me downs as they come, and because she is the youngest, she is also one that the others see not only as child-like, but also one to be patronized in both the offensive, pandering sense, as well as the defensive, protective definition. Destruction sees things coming, and it is probably this insight that helped her ease through the change, rather than call for her oldest sister, as Dream did.

And thus, Delight was destined to become Delirium, whether Destiny liked it or not. Not that Destiny would ever confess to a preference, of course.


EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has announced that it is making the government database ERIC, the Education Resource Information Center, freely available during the government shutdown. ERIC is typically available through its government website as well as via EBSCO’s EBSCOhost research platform. Since the government site is unavailable during the shutdown, EBSCO will temporarily open its version of ERIC and make it available for free online.

“We know our users who access ERIC on EBSCOhost find it to be a valuable resource and we understand that having access to a resource like ERIC shut off handicaps some researchers,” company President Tim Collins says. “Therefore, we have decided to provide this temporary access in order to assist these researchers.”

Tumblarians, a backup resource for your researchers.

Tumblr Gets Deep




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